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• Maintenance & repair of rotary chillers, including centrifugal & screw
compressors. Full motor, compressor, purge and control panel diagnostics.
• Retubing of heat exchangers. Fabrication of new supports sheets & end sheets.
• Eddy current testing of tubes.
• Oil and refrigerant analysis.
• Refrigerant recovery, reclamation, and leak repairs.
• Provide refrigerant monitors, purges, control panels & VSD retrofits.
• Turbine Lifts (Diagnostic 5-year)
• Dynamic Balancing & NDT of rotors, impellers (Level II certified).
• Turbine repairs; rotors, journals, wheels, stationary blades, chrome plating.
• Surface Condensers, steam separators, atmospheric valves & governors.

Factory-trained in the following manufacturers:

  • York
  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • McQuay
  • Dunham-Bush
  • Murray
  • Elliott