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PAR Fire Protection

PAR Fire Protection, a division of The PAR Group, specializes in the design, installation, modification, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems.

PAR Fire Protection is currently working with building owners and property management companies to ensure that their buildings are in compliance with Local Laws 26 and 58, as well as the NFPA 25 requirements mandated by the FDNY and the New York City Department of Buildings. The deadline for Local Law 26 compliance was July 1, 2011 with full compliance required by July 1, 2019. PAR also has the capability to clear violations issued by the FDNY or DEP.

In addition, we are experts in:

• Modifications to Existing Systems
• Installation of New Sprinkler Systems
• Wet Sprinkler Systems
• Dry Systems
• Pre-Action Systems
• Deluge Systems
• Waterless/Clean Agent Systems
• Fire Standpipe Systems

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