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About Us

The PAR Group, a fourth-generation, privately owned and operated company since 1928, is New York’s preeminent provider of plumbing, heating & air conditioning, fire protection and green solution services. The company is dedicated to preserving and building its distinguished reputation for professionalism and reliability. Over the years the company has played a vital role in New York City’s construction industry.

The company’s 4 divisions – PAR Plumbing, PAR Heating & Air Conditioning, PAR Fire Protection and PAR Green Solutions – are autonomous business units. As construction projects have grown in scale and complexity, The PAR Group has increasingly been called upon to put its four units to work as a professionally managed, centrally coordinated team.

The PAR Group can meet and surpass the most exacting standards, thanks to its skilled staff of over 300 people, not to mention its sizable capital investment – such things as the company’s fleet of 65 vehicles that adhere to a maintenance program which keeps breakdowns to a minimum ensuring that we can get to our customers when they need us. The PAR Group also has a large, well stocked warehouse and a state of the art computer and communications system to track jobs from start to finish.