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About Us

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Par Plumbing started four generations ago with a small shop in Brooklyn. We have now grown into The Par Group, New York’s premier provider of plumbing, HVAC, fire protection and green services. The Par Group services the New York Metro Area, as well as northern New Jersey through Triangle Plumbing, a Par Group company.

The Par Group has grown to employ over 400 and has 95 vehicles in its’ service fleet. In New York, Par is comprised of five distinct operating divisions–Par Plumbing, Par HVAC, Par Fire Protection and Par Green Solutions and Triangle Plumbing.

The Par Group offers complete plumbing installation services, ranging from simple repairs to major residential and commercial new construction projects. We are unique in that we can complete jobs of any scope, type or complexity. In New Jersey, Triangle Plumbing Co., has performed commercial, institutional and residential plumbing installations since 1949.

Par Heating and Air-Conditioning provides installation and maintenance services to a variety of clients, from building owners and operators to general contractors and construction managers. Par Heating and Air-Conditioning leverages the same institutional knowledge of building systems and client issues as Par Plumbing in successfully completing their projects.

Par Fire Protection specializes in the layout and installation of sprinkler systems as well as modifications of existing systems. Par Fire Protection also assists building owners and operators in preventing and curing FDNY violations, as well as ensuring compliance with mandatory NFPA regulations.

Par Green Solutions, a division of The Par Group, continues the company’s tradition of innovation, quality workmanship and customer service. Par Green Solutions reduces construction and operating costs by utilizing innovative methods and technologies while preserving environmental standards. We identify opportunities for efficiency, conservation and cost savings within a buildings’ mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems. Par Green Solutions works with owners, operators and builders to integrate sustainability and compliance into their buildings (environmental and financially).