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Touchless Fixtures

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When converting to a touchless kitchen or bathroom, you remove the knobs and levers, referred to as common touchpoints, and therefore reduce germs and cross contamination. This can benefit a company by having healthier employees from the lack of germs being spread.

Par Plumbing

Touchless Faucets

The Par Group - Touchless

  • Keep germs and bacteria from spreading thru office or home
  • Conserves large amounts of water therefore saving money

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Automatic Hand Dryers

  • Prevent germs and bacteria from spreading
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less time spent per person in the bathroom drying hands
  • More cost-effective long term than paper towels
  • No toilets to unclog from a paper towel being flushed; no drains to unclog from improper paper towel disposal
  • No need for a large garbage can for the disposal of paper towels; no paper towels on the floor from garbage being overloaded
  • Sleek / elegant looking

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The Par Group - Commercial Hand Washer

Automatic Soap Dispensers

The Par Group - Automatic Soap Dispensers

  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Disposably hygienic refill keeps soap fresh and germ free
  • No more clogs or drips which eliminates messy clean ups

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Automatic Flushometer

  • Water saving
  • Quick easy installation without having to shut off water for installation or the replacement of batteries

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The Par Group - Automatic Flushometer

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