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Air Quality Control

Poor air quality can affect the health of people in your building as well as their ability to perform their day to day activities, including productivity at work.

Follow these steps to monitor your building’s air quality:

  • Look Up: Pay attention to your air vents. Dirty vents could mean mold or pollutants are entering your occupied space.
  • Follow Your Nose: A “musty” odor smell on the air flowing thru your facility could alert you to pending mold trouble.
  • Ask & Listen to Building Occupants: Periodic surveys keep you in touch with your building occupants. Any complaints may be an indication of an indoor air quality issue.
  • Confirm Maintenance Visits: Make sure your equipment maintenance is up to date to keep it running clean.

For more information contact our Heating and Air Conditioning department at 516-394-2310 or

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