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BNP Paribas – 787 7th Avenue, New York

Established in Europe the 1800’s BNP Paribas has expanded to be a global financial institute.  With a presence in over 70 countries worldwide, our Fire Protection division was retained to service their 787 7th Avenue location in New York City.

PAR Fire Protection, a division of The PAR Group, relocated 24 concealed heads, installed 15 new concealed heads and 13 new upright heads.

Concealed sprinkler head stands high in the ceiling and has a flat cover plate that is level to the ceiling. The cover plate drops from the unit when the temperature reaches around 136 degrees Fahrenheit.  When the heat sensitive plate is activated the water is dispersed horizontally across the room.  Concealed sprinkler heads provide a cosmetically appealing alternative to traditional pendant sprinklers while still providing a fire safety measure for the property and are great for commercial properties, office spaces, or residential buildings.

Upright sprinkler heads produce a semi-spherical water distribution pattern.  Due to their pendant design, they are more visible than concealed sprinkler heads that sit flush to the ceiling.

BNP Paribas – 787 7th Avenue, New York