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Columbia University E3B Lab 550 West 120th Street, New York

Armstrong Hall built in 1900, located at 550 West 120th Street in the Morningside Heights section of New

York City.  The building is 8,924 sq. ft. and is home to Columbia University’s Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology, Graduate School of Business, and Goddard Institute for Space Studies among others.

“The Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B) at Columbia University was established in 2001.

The E3B community offers academic excellence in a range of natural and social science disciplines that are directly related to biodiversity conservation including evolution, systematics, genetics, behavioral ecology, public health, business, economics, political science, anthropology, and public and international policy.” –

PAR Plumbing, a division of The PAR Group, was retained to

  • Furnish and install new waste, vent, hot and cold-water piping
  • Furnish and install vacuum and compressed air piping
  • Furnish and install air compressor
  • Connect two vacuum pumps
  • Connect lab sinks, faucets, turrets and eyewash units
  • Furnish and install acid neutralizing tanks
  • Furnish and install Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s)

Thermostatic mixing valves have two controls, one for temperature and another for the volume of water. These allow the manufacturer or installer to set the limit within the valve itself to prevent an unsafe setting. TMV’s are convenient because the temperature can be left in your preferred setting and all you need to do is turn the water on.

Columbia University E3B Lab 550 West 120th Street, New York