Cooling Tower Maintenance

It will benefit the planet, your company and you!

A Cooling Tower is a vital component of your HVAC system.  An improperly maintained cooling tower reduces the efficiency of your chiller, wastes energy and increases your overall operating and repair costs.  In addition, a poorly maintained cooling tower will have a shorter operating life. Keeping your cooling tower running at its peak performance is important to your building’s comfort and your bottom line.

Optimize Cooling Tower Performance

Eliminating Scale Deposits
Scale build-up acts as a barrier to heat transfer from the water to the air.

Keeping Spray Nozzles Clean
Algae and sediment that collect in the water basin as well as excessive solids get into the cooling water and can clog the spray nozzles.  This causes uneven water distribution through the tower, resulting in uneven air flow and a reduced heat transfer surface area.

Preventing Poor Air Flow
Poor air flow can be caused by damaged fan blades or defective fan motors.  This reduces the amount of heat transfer from the condenser water to the outside air.

Instituting a Preventative Maintenance Program
Having your cooling tower serviced periodically will make sure your cooling tower operates at its best.

Having a Cooling Tower Water Treatment Plan
The proper chemical treatment plan will help eliminate most of the problems stated above and help you adhere to new DOHMH tower disinfecting guidelines.

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