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Cooling Tower Water Saving Program

Cooling Tower Water Saving Program

Cooling Towers are the nexus of plumbing and mechanical systems and require the expertise of both plumbers and HVAC technicians for their operation.  These systems can be the largest water consumer in a building but yet their water consumption remains largely unmanaged.   They represent the perfect starting point for a water management program.

In New York City Cooling Towers represent both an opportunity to mitigate costs in the form of a wastewater credit and a liability in the form of LL77/2015 Compliance.

Par Green Solutions now offers a revolutionary way to manage water that is smart for business and smart for the environment. Even the most efficient businesses have failures and leaks, and both can go undetected for a long time.  Data on your water use is constantly being gathered and evaluated through our system. When a problem is identified you are immediately notified and the location identified so you can make the necessary corrections, saving you time and money.

  • Earn NYC DEP wastewater credit and Save money while increasing sustainability
  • Correct excess water usage, failure points are identified and communicated in real time
  • Understand the impact of recovered water streams on cooling tower operation
  • Double check on chemical quantities
  • Comply with the data collection and data reporting requirements of NYC LL77 / 2015
  • Designed for the unique requirements of New York City
  • Independent of existing BMS systems
  • Wirelessly transmits data for analysis, no connection to a buildings network is required
  • Front-line team receives real time notifications to resolve problems quickly; real time data is analyzed and stored
  • Customized reporting and mobile accessible dashboards provide business intelligence, making financial impacts obvious

Powered by The APANA™ Solution we deploy a combination of proprietary technology, unparalleled analytics and software (SaaS) to deliver the first real-time water management system. It is easily installed into existing and new facilities. At the heart of our solution is the only prescriptive analytics available on the market today. The APANA™ Solution not only tells you where you are wasting water, and why, it also informs frontline, executive and administrative teams what is the best course of action to fix the problem. Our algorithms are self-optimizing for continuously improving accuracy.

Water waste comes in many forms. APANA™, using its unique and powerful algorithm, can differentiate between mechanical failures (a leak or broken pipe) or operational waste (the misuse of water within a business).

For more information please contact:

Neil J. Skidell, Managing Director
60 North Prospect Avenue
Lynbrook, NY 11563-1395
T: 516.394.2034 | Cell: 917.658.4826 | F: 516.593.9089

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