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GO GREEN! It will benefit the planet, your company and you!

5 Ways You Can Help Go Green:

  • Turn off computers, printers and fax machines at the end of the day.  This can save on energy.
  • Make sure your Programmable Thermostat or Building Management System is set to run your equipment the most cost efficient and energy
    efficient way.
  • Tightly close taps to prevent drips.  One drop wasted per second wastes 2,600 gallons per year.
  • Replace your standard flushometers with low volume flushometeres on all of your toilet fixtures.  This will result in a huge reduction of water use over the course of a year.
  • Make sure your maintenance is up to date on all of your HVAC equipment.  This ensures your equipment is running efficiently and clean filters will provide cleaner office air.

Benefits Of An Aggressive Green Building Strategy:

  • Benefits Of An Aggressive Green Building Strategy:
  • The planet will enjoy your reduced energy and water usage because it will reduce your demand on municipal services.  This reduces greenhouse emissions, costs and overall demand on utilities.
  • Due to reduced energy costs your company will recognize increased profits.

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