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LaGuardia Airport’s Renovation and Expansion Project

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, Queens is currently undergoing an $8 billion renovation and expansion project, under a plan from Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Airport Advisory Panel.

The expansion includes a new 243,000 square foot Central Terminal Building, which will contain a world-class main entrance and new mass transit connections.  All four existing terminals will be linked through the new Central Terminal Building, the hub of LGA, which will be built six hundred feet closer to the adjacent Grand Central Parkway to allow for two additional miles of aircraft taxiways. The current project also includes the new Headhouse, a four story, remodelled section of Terminal B that will be utilized for ticketing, check-in, security and baggage claim.  The Headhouse will connect to the new Central Terminal Building by two glass pedestrian bridges and is set to open in 2020.

The new Eastern and Western Concourses of the new Central Terminal will have 55 foot high ceilings and amenities such as restaurants that offer gate delivery, an interactive playground, a toy store and a spa.  The Eastern Concourse of the New Central Terminal, and 11 of 18 new gates, began servicing customers in December of 2018.  The remaining gates, as well as the Western Concourse, are set to open in early 2020.  There is also a new West Parking Garage, which opened in February 2018 with 3,100 public parking spaces and a connection to the new Central Terminal Building.  Additionally, there will be an AirTrain terminal, aka the “Central Hall” connecting LGA to the Willets Point MTA 7 and the Willets Point LIRR station.

Par Plumbing is involved in the initial phases of the Headhouse, the Central Hall, the Central Heating & Refrigeration Plant (CHRP), Western Concourse A and Pedestrian Bridge A.  Par has executed the underground plumbing for the Headhouse and is currently working on the above grade portion.  Par Alterations is involved in the retail & fit-out portions of the project. Par holds the contracts for underground work and the above grade installation for Concourse A and Pedestrian Bridge A.

Par’s scope of work includes new plumbing systems – sanitary, storm, gas and domestic water. The major equipment installations include new water booster systems, ejector systems, sump pumps, and the domestic hot water system, which was designed in conjunction with a solar plant for efficiency. New core bathrooms will be installed for the expected 20 million passengers that are expected to pass through LGA.  The project is also contains a $28 million flood protection plan, which will help LGA withstand extreme weather conditions such as Hurricane Sandy.

All phases of the LGA expansion project are scheduled for completion by 2022 and they are expected to total 2.7 million square feet, 6 new concourses, and 72 gates.

LaGuardia Airport’s Renovation and Expansion Project
LaGuardia Airport’s Renovation and Expansion Project