New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) proposes to establish an Ambulatory Care Center on the West side of York Avenue, between East 68th and East 69th streets in Manhattan, New York.

PAR Plumbing will act as a “Trade Manager” in a design collaboration role early on, during Pre-construction, and Construction.

The proposed development is a ten (10) story, approximately 450,000 square foot, Hospital based Ambulatory Care center. This clinical facility will have one (1) below grade floor for parking, a two story lobby at grade, five floors of program area consisting of Operation Room suites, radiology, endoscopy, radiation therapy, gastro intestinal services, waiting and support areas. There will be a standalone machine room on the top floor of the building. The structure will be designed for potential future expansion of other clinical and infrastructure programs.

PAR Plumbing will assist in the process of designing with the mindset of constructing the best facility, and incorporating the most value based design elements. Par will incorporate the latest in construction delivery techniques, including Trade Management construction & design methods, relational contracting, including partnering with the general contractor, all trades, engineers, architects, designers & the owner. This approach is unique in the architectural and construction industry and is built on the philosophy that close collaboration during the infancy of design produces a high quality product at a tremendous value. The Owner desires to have the best practices incorporated in the project, by engaging with major trade managers early in the design process, the owner, owner’s representative, architect, engineers, construction Manager, and vendors can all collaborate to develop the best hospital at the best value. The collaborative construction & design methods will be developed to eliminate waste, incorporate the right level of quality, optimize cooperation and develop a construction process, design a schedule that protects the interests of all parties and ultimately obtains the owner’s goal of completing an excellent project, with a manageable schedule within a predictable budget. The goal is to provide a seamless transition from design to construction & will dramatically reduce or eliminate construction issues, shop drawings and changes. The final product will be 100% fully coordinated construction document and 3D BIM model.