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R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out

PAR Heating & Air Conditioning would like to clear up the confusion regarding the upcoming phase-out and ban on R-22 refrigerant. We would like to inform you of your options and let you know how it will affect your existing R-22 refrigerant HVAC equipment. This will take effect January 1, 2020.

You will still be able to service your R-22 refrigerant equipment and R-22 refrigerant will still be available for use after January 1, 2020 from existing stockpiles and recovered, recycled, or reclaimed R-22 refrigerant. However, R-22 refrigerant will no longer be produced or imported after that date.

What This Means To You

There is no need to panic regarding your existing R-22 refrigerant HVAC equipment, but you do need to be aware of the options that are available to you as the phase-out continues and January 2020 approaches.

Options Available

  1. Replace existing R-22 refrigerant equipment with new equipment using an alternative EPA approved refrigerant such as Refrigerant R410A
  2. Retrofit your existing R-22 systems to one of the new drop-in replacement refrigerants for R-22. This retrofit program requires the removal of your existing R-22 refrigerant, existing filter dryers and any required seals (if applicable), the repair of any existing system leaks and the installation of an EPA approved drop-in replacement refrigerant such as R-407C
  3. Continue using R-22 refrigerant with the understanding that the price will become more expensive as the supply becomes more limited


Although the supply of R-22 is limited, it will still be available for use. However, it will become increasingly expensive as the existing supplies dwindle. Due to the increasing cost of R-22 refrigerant, you may decide to retrofit your equipment to an approved drop-in refrigerant in lieu of equipment replacement.