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Refrigerant Additives


One type of additive is a polarized refrigerant oil additive (PROA), designed to improve oil lubrication and system efficiency.  It can be used in nearly all sizes and types of systems.  Because PROA tends to be more widely used, available performance data has shown improved operations and related monetary savings.

Leak Detection

Another type of enhancement is a leak detection additive.  This is used when refrigerant leaks are difficult to pinpoint.  The additive will color the oil in the system, enabling leaks to be observed via black light.  This will save time and money in locating hard-to-find refrigerant leaks.  It will be more cost effective to have a technician drop in the dye, let the system run, and return to find the leak with a black light, rather than having the tech spend hours searching at ownership expense.

What This Means to You

Due to today’s stricter EPA guidelines, the timely repair of refrigerant leaks will directly impact your bottom line.
Your HVAC system is one of the largest line items in your capital budget; anything that can help it run more efficiently, or make it less costly to repair will help to decrease operating and maintenance costs and potentially increase your profits.

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