Spring is the time of the year to get a pre-season checkup on all your HVAC systems!

1. Change your filters and belts.  Stop worn belts from further damage and possibly breaking; increase efficiency and help the air in your area stay free from pollen, dust etc.

2. Clean your coils, condensate pan and drain.  This helps the heat transfer from the coils and proper draining of the condensate from your units.  No one wants to start the summer off with water coming out of their ceiling.

3. Check your system for proper refrigerant charge.  This ensures you are getting the most for your compressor run time dollar. If the refrigerant levels are low it may not cool as efficiently as with a correct level plus the EPA has mandated that refrigerant leaks must be repaired in a timely manner.

4. Check your system’s electrical components for tight connections and signs of wear and tear. Loose electrical connections can run excessively hot and lead to burnt connections.  Contractors or relays that have worn contacts can cause failures of the components they are serving.

5. Check your system safeties for proper operation.  These safeties are designed to protect you and your equipment.  If they don’t do their job it could result in undue damage to your equipment and an unsafe situation for you.

6. Check your system for proper sequencing and operation.  By running your system through its normal operation cycle, you can make sure that all components are operating as they should be.  While some breakdowns are unavoidable and unpredictable, a pre-season checkup prevents
nuisance breakdowns.  It also helps your system run more efficiently and keeps your operating costs as low as they can be.

For more information on maintenance contact our Heating and Air-Conditioning department at 516-394-2310 or hvac@pargroup.com