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Structure Tone 111 8th Avenue, New York

“The Structure Tone family of companies; LF Driscoll, Structure Tone Southwest, Pavarini Construction Co., and Pavarini McGovern—provides a complete range of services, from site selection analysis to design constructability review; from corporate interior fit-outs to new out-of-the-ground construction; and from aesthetic enhancements to major building infrastructure upgrades and modernization.”

Par Plumbing, a division of The Par Group, furnished and installed:

  • 6 flow sensors, these sensors are used to accurately determine the mass flow rate of intake air used in the internal combustion engine. Many mass flow sensors use a heated element and a downstream temperature sensor to indicate the air flow rate.
  • Installed and demoed 6 two inch valved outlets, 1 two and a half inch RPZS and a duplex booster.
  • System with a hydropneumatic tank. “Hydropneumatic tanks are ASME and non-ASME vessels that hold water and air under pressure. In order to provide efficient water supply, hydropneumatic tanks regulate system pressures to quickly meet system demand. The compressed air creates a cushion that can absorb or apply pressure as needed.”
  • 1 Funnel drain and 1 watts 200 float valve.
  • Supply only heat traice with controls.
  •  Our plumbing division also provided phasing and a hose bibb with 15 feet to tie-in and supplied 250 feet hoses.

Other services provided by the Par Fire division consisted of sprinkler work, relocating 28 concealed heads and installing 29 new concealed heads.

Structure Tone 111 8th Avenue, New York

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