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Would installing variable frequency drives (VFD’s) on your heating and air conditioning system motors, fans, or pumps save money?

A VFD is a controller that varies the electrical signal to a motor thereby enabling it to reduce its rotations per minute (rpm’s) and reduce its energy consumption.

Your HVAC systems have both fans and pumps that are driven by motors. These motors run at a constant velocity and use electricity to operate. The cost to run them goes into your operating costs.

Most systems are designed to meet the worst case scenario and do not need to operate at 100% all the time because your building is not always at maximum occupancy and the outdoor temperatures are not always at the high and low design conditions. By being able to vary your motor speeds, based on demand, you should be able to save the energy needed to heat or cool your building. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) enable you to do just that.

This variable speed technology is also used in smaller air conditioning systems to enable the systems to operate at variable tonnages that can adjust to load conditions and optimize energy usage.

Savings will vary based on individual systems and an engineer would be needed to review your system and tell you if it’s compatible with VFD’s and what your return on investment would be.

Based on that information you would be able to see if it pays to make the investment.

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